Philopsophy & Goals

GrowingTree_152The philosophy of Growing Tree Academy is to provide a developmentally appropriate program for young children that fosters the whole child, respects each child as an individual and stimulates a child’s natural interest in, and enjoyment of, learning.

Our long-term program goals include helping children:

  • To become creative, independent thinkers;
  • To feel competent, productive and self-reliant, as well as fostering good self-esteem and a sense of self worth;
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for their own mental and physical health;
  • To understand that they are a part of a diverse, multicultural global community and that their actions influence the quality of that community;
  • To foster the value that many kinds of intelligence – linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, physical, spatial and personal – are valuable and important to our community; and,
  • To encourage the development of higher, moral reasoning, helping children to develop into adults with an internalized code of ethics and principles.

Growing Tree Academy’s daily classroom practice and programming objectives will be designed to support the program’s philosophy and the established long-term goals. A program’s educational philosophy is supported not only through its curriculum, but also by the teachers, families, and parents involved in the program that provides role models for children. It is critical, then, for parents to choose a program with an educational philosophy that matches and supports their family values and their goals for their child.

We at Growing Tree Academy respect and believe in each child as a unique individual with the ability to obtain knowledge about themselves, others, and the world around them through active learning.

We are committed to have teachers and director assess each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and progress to individualize the program accordingly. Teachers spend quality time with each child, thereby developing closer teacher-child bonds of affection, trust and respect. Our classroom sizes are limited so that the needs of each child are met.