Preschool and Childcare Programs

Growing Tree Academy Preschool and Childcare Center’s programs are planned around the young child’s developmental abilities. CGrowing_Tree_50hronological age is used as a guide for placement when other assessment data is not available; however, chronological age is only one of the many factors we consider along with our parents.

The center currently operates five classrooms with the following approximate age guidelines:

Infants (0 – 18 Months)

Toddler Option (18 – 30 Months)

Early Preschool (30 Months – 3.5 Years)

Preschool (3.5 – 4 Years)

Pre-Kindergarten (4 -5 Years)

Kindergarten/First Grade (5 – 7 Years)

In each classroom, it is our goal to create a community where the children develop friendships and a sense of security. As children are growing and changing each month, we adjust and change the curriculum to meet their needs.


Each classroom has rest-time generally beginning at 12:30 PM and ending around 2:30 PM. Some children sleep during this time, others do not. Our day is long, noisy and busy. We find all children benefit from a quiet restful break in the day.

Child Assessment/ Parent Conferences

Children are assessed on an on-going basis. Assessments are completed in January and June to determine developmental progress on a variety of indices including social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills as well as academic skills.

Snacks and Meals

The Center serves one morning and two afternoon snacks every day.  Additionally, we offer a daily hot lunch.  We are committed to serving fresh fruits and vegetables each day and plan meals that teach, by example, good nutrition to the children.